Volume ready customizable nitinol actuator

The S125 is a volume-ready Shape Memory Alloy wire actuator, with a MOSFET switching & protection circuitry on a Printed Circuit Board substrate. The ideal uses are latch or trigger release mechanisms for battery-powered devices. The S125 is a short-stroke...

Advanced Low Profile SMA Actuator

-Our custom MOSFET/Protection Circuit is on each PCB-Actuator-Typical 3-wire interface: Power, Ground, and Enable. When you raise the Enable line logic level HIGH, we energize until you lower the Enable. The actuator moves to the end of stroke, and 'holds' there...

Oceanic Safety Systems Advanced Lifesaving Diver Vest SMA Actuator

We assisted inventor, Dr. Terry Maas, with the actuating technology for his patented, lifesaving vest. Originally designed to protect Freedivers, it soon became apparent the lifesaving vest had a much broader appeal among all those in danger of drowning. Oceanic...

Credit Card Scale High Force Nitinol Actuator

We have found that printed circuit boards (PCB) are great substrates on which to build Nitinol actuators. Using standard PCB design and assembly technology, high precision components and circuitry can be pick and placed along with actuator components. This allows for...

Drone Payload Release or Medical Cart Latch Release

These prototype devices have been used as drone payload release mechanisms and for protecting drugs in high security medical carts.  They can be made very thin (less than 2 mm) and lightweight (less than 1 ounce) and can use very little energy to actuate.  They can be...

Ganged Over-Stress Protected SMA actuator

This actuator has 7 mm of stroke at 125 pounds of force. These three ganged actuators operate in series and are an example of an over-stress protected actuator.

1/4-Pound One-Way Solid State Latching Actuator

A magnetic detent on one printed coil provides a preferred location for the magnet that is shared between the two coils. When the coil is energized the magnet escapes the detent and travels to the opposite side. When the coil is de-energized the magnet returns to the...

Side Flex Latch Nitinol Actuator

This prototype actuator provided actuation along the narrow axis of the actuator. The idea was to use the music wire flexures as biasing springs and to make it as thin as possible. It is capable of developing roughly 1 pound of force without exceeding a design limit...

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