High Force Valve Actuator

This prototype actuator was designed to provide 24 pounds of force and 3/8" of stroke. There is a U-shaped Nitinol wire actuator on each side of the PCB (only one is currently installed), and they operate on a shared linkage. The SMA wire used here was 0.020"...

Solid State Pump or Valve Actuator / Valve Controller

An embedded coil, 12 layer spiral as shown, can be used to move a magnet which could be used to create a very small solid state pump (for air or liquid) or valve system arrays. Using standard printed circuit board (PCB) more than 1,000 of such devices can be printed...

Solid State Submersible Solenoid Actuator Operating Under Water

Operating at 1/3 Hz to 3,300 Hz using an H-Bridge driver and an Arduino Uno operating at 12 Volts. This demonstrated the ability to operate in water and shows that the water cools the device enough to operate at high speed and high force.

Pulley Valve Nitinol Actuator

This is a high force linear actuator with a single SMA wire wound around pulleys to provide high force. Pulley Valve Actuator Test Clockwise 90deg turn 230 Newtons Pulley Valve Actuator Clockwise and Counterclockwise turns, 15 pound lift, 64 watts of power input Close...

Nitinol Pneumatic Cylinder Replacement

This long stroke, high speed, prototype SMA actuator was designed for Sony to remove DVD's that did not pass quality control from an assembly line. Mineral oil is used in the body of this actuator to enhance cooling of the Nitinol. This actuator features 8" of 0.010"...

Haptic Force Feedback using a Wireless Solenoid

This video illustrates how a thin film force sensitive resistor can provide haptic feedback through the use of printed coils and a fixed magnet. 1.5 mm thin printed coils are energized when force in the resistor exceeds a given threshold. That causes the resistor and...

Center Post Rail Gun Actuator

Twelve layer printed coils are used to launch a small Neodymium Iron Borate magnet. We use short 10 ms pulses in the coil at 30 Volts.

Nitinol Force Multiplier Pulley System in Mineral Oil

Pre Mineral Oil Valve Operation at 60VAC (3.3 amps) in air. Operation of Valve in Mineral Oil 70VAC 23˚C at 5s Operation of Valve in Mineral OIl 70VAC 3˚C CW CCW

Solenoid Coil Speaker Plate mounted on a guitar

This video shows five printed coils mounted on the tone bridge of a guitar. The audio is actually being played through the speaker coils and magnets are driving the acoustics of the guitar. Essentially this is a self-playing guitar.

Wireless Solenoid Haptic Feedback Engine: Click In, Click Out

Initial prototype of the Wireless Solenoid Haptic Feedback Engine. More refined version of the Haptic Feedback Engine which feels very much like the trackpad of a MacBook Pro. We discovered that you could also use the engine as a speaker for music.
Wireless Solid State Solenoid Demo

Wireless Solid State Solenoid Demo

A 12 layer printed coil that weighs 3-1/2 grams and operates between 3 Volts to 30 Volts. This is a magnet being driven between alternating poles of printed coils. It is providing 1/8" of stroke. This is a lightweight haptic actuator.

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