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Miniature, powerful, lightweight nitinol actuators to replace motors and solenoids. Nitinol actuators are used to release spring-loaded latches or triggers. They are commonly used to lock hospital medication carts and to release payloads in drones. Nitinol actuators are completely silent, powerful and fast-acting.

Amazing Force to Weight Ratio

Nitinol actuators are perfect for any application where compact, silent, non-magnetic, electrically driven, high force, linear motion is desired. Applications include robotics, scientific instruments, automation, hobby, automotive, medical, and aerospace.


Eradicate Solenoids

We replace solenoids with custom designed shape memory alloy solutions to save weight and space.  Many existing solenoid based applications can benefit from the light weight, form factor and greater force available from an SMA based actuator.


Medical & Wearable

We have implemented shape memory into clothing, medical devices, and satelites that are orbiting the earth right now. Contact us today to learn what we can customize for you!


Tailored SMA

Our proprietary technology pushes the limits of SMA use cases. Liquid nitrogen temperatures, outer space, and automotive are a few of the demanding environments for which we design.


SMA By the Numbers

A nitinol actuator weighing only 0.7 ounces can lift a 7 pound bowling ball, that’s over 150x its own weight. That’s the equivalent of a grown man lifting a loaded cement truck. The actuator is also only slightly thicker than a human hair and thus can fit in almost any space. They thus provide great flexibility in product design.

Our devices on orbit


Weight reductions


Space reductions

Years Of Experience

Success Stories

“We replaced a bulky solenoid in our glove box with a custom sma actuator.  We reduced size, weight, cost and got more flexibility for our design.  Our intent is to replace all existing solenoids with SMA solutions.”

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Due to NDA, US Automaker

“Our product wouldn’t be possible without the use of SMA technology.  Solenoids are too big and heavy.  Everything needs to be thin and light.  The absolute silence of SMA is a wonderful added bonus.”

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Due to NDA, US Manufacturer

“SMA makes product design so much more flexible.  Also, the reliability is key for us.  We’ve tested past millions of cycles.  Whole new form factors are possible. An absolutely amazing material.”

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Due to NDA, US Designer

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