Nitinol Actuators by Miga Technologies LLC

Coated Shape Memory Alloy SMA Wire

  • Extremely flexible silicone based proprietary coatings
  • Up to 10x faster cooling for a few actuations, 4x faster for steady state actuation
  • Protects wires from shorting on each other or to ground
  • Protects you from the wire, can be touched while energized
  • Increased protection of wires from overheating
  • Formulations and diameters based on your requirements
  • Coatings on Flexinol or SAES HT or LT wire from 0.001″ to 0.020″ diameters
  • Coatings from .020″ to 1/8″ diameter
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A 0.015″ diameter Flexinol HT wire coated with a 1/8″ diameter proprietary coating to promote fast cooling is energized 15 times with a 500 ms on time and a 2200 ms cooling time. This is 4x faster than the normal cooling time. The wire is 25″ long and is producing 1″ of stroke for a 4% strain.

Nitinol Actuator product development.

We engineer miniature, powerful, lightweight nitinol actuators to replace motors and solenoids. Nitinol actuators are used to release spring-loaded latches or triggers. They are commonly used to lock hospital medication carts and to release payloads in drones. Nitinol actuators are completely silent, powerful and fast-acting.

A nitinol actuator weighing only 0.7 ounces can lift a 7 pound bowling ball; over 150x its own weight. That’s the equivalent of a grown man lifting a loaded cement truck. This actuator is also only slightly thicker than a human hair and thus can fit in almost any space. They thus provide great flexibility in product design.

Nitinol actuators are perfect for any application where compact, silent, non-magnetic, electrically driven, high force, linear motion is desired. Applications include robotics, scientific instruments, automation, hobby, automotive, medical, and aerospace.

Nitinol actuators are great for replacing motors that create linear motion. Motors are, by design, rotary devices. Translating rotation into linear motion is less efficient than the direct linear motion provided by nitinol actuators, and also requires gearboxes and linkages. Nitinol actuators are linear by design and most appropriate for linear motion.

Nitinol actuation wire

Nickel-Titanium wire, Nitinol wire, Shape Memory Alloy wire, Flexinol wire, and SmartFlex wire – what’s the difference? Nitinol is an abbreviation for Nickel Titanium. Shape memory alloy is a type of Nitinol that is engineered to have shape memory, as opposed to superelasticity. Flexinol is a trade name of Dynalloy, Inc’s brand of shape memory alloy wire. SmartFlex is a trade name of SAES Group’s brand of shape memory alloy wire.Our Nitinol actuation technology has been widely featured, including at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Consumer Electronics Show, NY & Milan Fashion weeks. As shown on the model below, a nitinol actuator wire assembly created the elegant expansion of the complex wing structure. Learn more here about the Intel Chromat Adrenaline Dress.