Advanced Low Profile SMA Actuator

-Our custom MOSFET/Protection Circuit is on each PCB-Actuator-Typical 3-wire interface: Power, Ground, and Enable. When you raise the Enable line logic level HIGH, we energize until you lower the Enable. The actuator moves to the end of stroke, and 'holds' there...

Intel Chromat Adrenaline Dress powered by Flexinol

We designed the complex Nitinol actuating mechanism behind this dress that was worn on the runway at NY Fashion Week 2015 and at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2016. The Chromat Adrenaline Dress powered by Intel is composed of printed panels designed in an...

Hydramax Exhibit using 60 Nitinol Actuators

Hydramax was an architectural model created by Future Cities Lab and installed in the San Francisco MOMA for 6 months.  The model was designed to respond to museum goers with soft illumination and gentle organic operation of the roof panels.  The silent organic...

Oceanic Safety Systems Advanced Lifesaving Diver Vest SMA Actuator

We assisted inventor, Dr. Terry Maas, with the actuating technology for his patented, lifesaving vest. Originally designed to protect Freedivers, it soon became apparent the lifesaving vest had a much broader appeal among all those in danger of drowning. Oceanic...

Laptop lid Nitinol actuator latch

Originally developed for a European laptop manufacturer.  The SMA actuator electronically releases the tablet from keyboard/CPU, so you can have a stand alone tablet/touchscreen.  SMA is able to provide high-force motion even in the extremely tight spaces within a...

Nitinol Properties

Nitinol Properties Transformation Temperature -200 to 110 deg. C Latent Heat of Transformation 5.78 cal/g Transformation Strain for a single cycle 8% for 100,000 cycles 4% Hysteresis 30 to 50 deg. C Melting Point 1300 deg. C (2370 deg. F) Density 6.45 g/ (0.233...

Bluetooth controlled security latch for a Medical Cart

This latch was designed for use for applications where security is needed in very tight spaces like a medical cart.  This actuator provides motion along the short axis of the PC board.  It's shown operating with a 3.7 Volt Lithium-Ion cell.

Shape Memory Alloy Actuator Bounce Rotating Control

This is a rotary Nitinol actuator bouncing between end limits. This actuator was designed to move the eyelids in a volume ready toy doll - Baby Bright Eyes. We called her Baby Fright Eyes, because it was so scary to look into her eyeballs, thus the failure of the...

Latch Release Actuator

Latch Release with 1.5 pounds of force using shape memory alloy wire. This was used as a payload release mechanism for a large military drone. This is the payload release on a life-cycle test fixture. Cycling against a 2-pound spring, powered by a 9V Duracell Lithium...

Tiny Snap Action Flexure Nitinol Actuator

This is a simple actuator using 0.008" HT Flexinol to develop a bending mode operation. It is designed to operate at 2.5 Volts. Tiny actuator showing force developed on a force gauge.

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